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Ready for take-off

Ready for take-off
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The first of three new vertical take-off and landing pads has been completed at RAF Marham in Norfolk by the Galliford Try Lagan Construction joint venture. The asset will be used by the F-35B Lightning II multi-role combat aircraft which arrived at the base last month.

The core of the pad has been constructed with High Temperature Resistant Concrete (HTRC) which can withstand extremely high temperature and pressure from the jets.

James Aikman, GTLC Project Director, said: “This product has never been produced in the UK. We’ve had to go through a rigorous R&D process to achieve and check the final specification. The key material component unique to this type of concrete is an expanded shale aggregate which we’ve imported from Germany.”

The works forms part of a £250 million Defence Infrastructure Organisation programme of investment at the station and involve resurfacing about 90% of the airfield operating surfaces while airfield operations are maintained and construction of a headquarters for 617 Squadron (The Dambusters).