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Current Vacancies

The current vacancies advertised on this website are for candidates to apply directly to Lagan Specialist Contracting Group. Where we are unable to fill a vacancy in this way, our recruitment team will enlist the help of the recruitment agencies from our Preferred Supplier List (PSL) for recruitment across our business in the UK and Ireland.

Companies outside of our Preferred Supplier List are asked not to send CV or other details of a candidate or potential candidate on a speculative basis i.e. without the prior request from Lagan Specialist Contracting Group and where this occurs we reserve the right to keep unsolicited candidate details on our own database, with no obligation to the agency concerned.

Our current Preferred Supplier List is not currently due for review. We will update this message with details on how companies can apply to join our preferred supplier list when a review is planned.

Fake job offers

Employers and individuals are currently being troubled by fraudsters offering fake job offers. Please be assured that Lagan Specialist Contracting Group always conducts a formal recruitment process which includes carrying out an interview before making a job offer to anyone. If you receive an email offering you a job with us, it is not genuine and you should not respond to it.

We NEVER ask anyone to complete a questionnaire, e-mail anyone a job offer or ask anyone for money in receipt of a job offer. If you do receive a job offer via email or Linked In that seems to come from Lagan Specialist Contracting Group please do not be fooled – it is fake.

Recognising a fake job offer

Fake jobs offers will have some of the following features:

  • Be issued from a Google, Hotmail, Yahoo or other Internet hosted account.
  • If you do receive a job offer by e-mail which appears to be from Lagan Specialist Contracting Group don’t use the Reply button – please retype the address manually and if the address changes then it is likely to be a fraud.
  • A request for your passport details, or any other personal or banking information
  • Payment for a visa application
  • A mobile telephone number, often starting with +44 (0) 70.

Please don’t be fooled by fraudsters issuing unsolicited job offers. They will use photographs and names of company employees to create a genuine appearance to the offer. They have been known to create fake company names and websites that look very similar to the company’s identity, brand and website in order to commit this type of fraud.


If you receive a job offer for a role that you have not applied for and are in any doubt please contact us directly on either of the following options: mailto:info@laganscg.com