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Our mission: "To provide construction and asset management solutions in an environment where people feel safe, secure and valued."


The global energy sector is facing a major challenge as the search for new supplies intensifies, with power companies continuously striving to optimise the value of existing assets to develop a more efficient energy mix.

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An energy from waste facility that we are currently working on will deal with 300,000 tonnes of waste per year once completed

We are committed to providing sustainable sources of energy and are experienced in managing a wide range of projects – both in the development of infrastructure foundations and in power station construction, recycling plants and other structures associated with the renewable energy market.

Our teams have the capability to deliver all kinds of sustainable power station construction projects and work with clients, specialists and others to develop new and efficient methods of reducing the carbon footprint and reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

We have a broad range of capabilities in the field of wind power regeneration, having successfully delivered major projects for energy customers throughout Ireland and the UK and view this as a key growth area in our business.

We are also experienced in constructing power stations and other waste facilities, as well as newer forms of power generation – such as energy from waste, wave energy and bio mass production – and remain closely involved at the forefront of this fast growing sector.

Working in partnership with clients and supply chain, we deliver projects safely, on time and within budget.  Our aim is to construct facilities that meet current and future demands with minimal use of natural resources, balancing pollution prevention requirements with performance.