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Dew Piling

Dew Piling is an industry leader in Steel Sheet Piling. The company specialises in all forms of steel and sheet piling. We operate from a number of offices throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our specialist teams work across all sectors to deliver added value solutions, the use of the latest plant and equipment enables us to respond quickly and efficiently to meet customer requirements. Based at Oldham in North West England, we are part of the Lagan Specialist Contracting Group of companies which delivers construction related expertise internationally.

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Included in this section is information on some of our plant and equipment. We own and operate a fleet of:

  • Piling Leader Rigs with resonance free vibratory hammers
  • Silent Piling machines that press in sheet piles hydraulically eliminating noise and vibration
  • Hydraulic Hammers for conventional piling
  • The Chowa CHV 400, an excavator attached machine which is especially suited where long reach is required to install piles in difficult access conditions


Dew Piling offer the full range of techniques in Steel Sheet Piling installation and extraction to deal with all of the following:

  • High output leader rig installation
  • Silent and vibrationless press in piles
  • Conventional piling with crane suspended hammers
  • Difficult access piling

Dew Piling can offer all of these techniques with our owned and operated plant and equipment.

Chowa CHV400

Dew Piling has jointly developed the new CHV400 Vibromaster to provide versatile and powerful installation of 600mm wide U section sheet piles, Z section sheet piles upto 620mm wide and H pile sections upto 400mm.  The new machine has the flexibility and long reach to install piles in even the least accessible locations.  It has been designed to generate low noise and vibration compared with the alternatives.

Conventional Sheet Piling

We own and operate a fleet of conventional hydraulic drop hammers which can be adapted to drive sheet, tubular and ‘H’ section piles. Both standard and resonance-free vibrating hammers and extractors are available. Where air hammers are the only solution to a specific driving problem, we can provide ‘N’ series hammers as required.

Kowan Silent Pilers

We own and operate a fleet of environmentally-friendly silent pilers to install 400mm, 500mm and 600mm steel sheet piles on a pitch and drive basis. By pushing hydraulically, they produce zero vibration, minimal noise and are easily mobilised to and around sites.

Leader Rigs

In recognition of the potential of pitch and drive pile-driving methods, we have invested in an RTG 19m sheet piling and three ABI Telescopic Leader rigs ranging in size from 17m to 14m – all with resonance-free vibratory hammers. This high output equipment can be rapidly mobilised, erected and folded down and emits reduced noise and vibration, allowing piles to be installed in sensitive environments.