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Mercedes Benz Servicing and Dealership Centre, Lincolnshire

Intercounty Truck and Van
£2.7 Million
September 2014 - March 2015

This project involved the design of a new Mercedes Benz Truck and Van Servicing and Dealership Centre at Old Station Yard, Sutterton, Lincolnshire. Scope of the works included a 1,000m2 single storey building with two-storey stores and office areas at the South Western end of the building.

The new servicing and dealership centre required design for a high performance workshop including pre-fabricated steel service and MOT pits. Works carried out by Charles Brand included complete site clearance, foundations, mechanical & electrical installation and concrete surfacing. Site works also involved extensive parking for staff, visitors and commercial vehicles. One of the planning requirements of the Local Drainage Board was to provide a sustainable drainage system. In accordance with this, a large marshalling yard together with a water lagoon was installed. The 425m2 surface water attenuation lagoon discharges storm water at low flow through a hydrobrake flow control directly to the adjacent local open drainage system.

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