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Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service

H&J Martin Asset Management Services, part of Lagan Specialist Contracting Group, currently deliver response maintenance and minor works across all trades for the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue service estate, consisting of 84 properties.

Key Features

  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Minor Works MTC (PSA Schedule of Rates)
  • Asbestos Removal
  • 24/7 – 365 Helpdesk Support
  • GC Works 7 form of Contract

Property types range from office accommodation and training facilities through to manned and un-manned stations.

Commencing in April 2011, the Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service contract follows the GC Works 7 form of contract based on the PSA schedule of rates and day works.

The Repairs & Maintenance elements are delivered 24/7-365 to a priority 1 response time of 2 hours anywhere in Northern Ireland with approximately 800 tasks per annum.

The Minor Works MTC element delivers building projects up to £500K, based on the PSA Schedule of Rates with approximately 100 projects being carried out per annum.

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