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Bradford Gamma, Yorkshire

Triton Construction
2 Weeks

FK Lowry Piling have successfully completed a CFA Piling Project in Bradford for Triton Construction. FK Lowry Piling were sub-contracted to design and install 40m of 600mm Diameter Contiguous Bored Pile Wall and 37 No. 600mm Diameter CFA Bearing Piles. Ground Conditions consisted of Made Ground/ Fill overlying Glacial Clays and weak weather Mudstones. This was further underlain by medium strong Siltstone at depth. FK Lowry Piling utilised their Soilmec SR70 high torque rig on the project.

The project consists of the construction a new gamma ray radiation unit for Synergy Health UK. The scheme includes the partial demolition of existing buildings and the extending of existing warehouse accommodation, including hard standing and landscaping on this existing working irradiation site.

“Due to the presence of competent Siltstone at depth and the requirement to achieve a design Toe Level for wall stability, Piling Rig selection was key. We chose one of our high torque rigs to ensure that penetration into the Mudstones and Siltstones could be achieved. This was our first project with Triton Construction and we were extremely impressed by their Project Management during the Piling phase. Repeat business with Clients is key for us at FK Lowry Piling and we hope that our collaborative approach, emphasis on Health, Safety & Quality will go some way to achieving our goals.”
Sam Pyper, FK Lowry Contracts Manager
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