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Minister Kennedy commends WMRF A2 Belfast to Bangor Scheme!

15 Mar 2013

The Water Mains Rehabilitation team in Northern Ireland recently completed a very successful project on the A2 Belfast to Bangor Road, two weeks ahead of programme. Valued at £2 million, the team worked tirelessly to ensure traffic disruption was kept to a minimum as there are up to 50,000 vehicles using this road each day.

The team considered a range of different options for the method of works and the timing of these works to ensure as little disruption as possible for the public. Work was carried out throughout the day and night at weekends from 7pm on a Friday to 7am on a Monday, with up to 8 gangs at any one time working in shifts during the weekend work period for 13 weekends.

Close consultation and collaboration with DRD Roads Service, North Down Borough Council, PSNI, Translink, utility companies, Elected Representatives, and local business owners was crucial to ensure the works progressed smoothly. Pre-planning during the week was key to the success of the project. The site team surveyed the upcoming works on a weekly basis and detailed work plans were produced which were discussed at the weekly progress meetings. Every week, a notification letter and a detailed map indicating the location of the works was produced, and hand delivered to the houses and properties which were in the proximity of the works, this proved to be a successful PR move.

There was a rolling traffic management programme, with approximately a 1200 meters long transient site. There was 7km of water mains laid along the 4km length of road. The water main was installed by open cut technique, predominantly along the footpath. Various sizes of pipe was used including; 4560m of 180mm PE main, 985m of 125mm PE main and 1390m of 90mm main. A total of 21 mains connections and 114 service connections were completed.

So successful was these works that a personal letter was received by Minister Danny Kennedy:

“Everyone involved deserves thanks for ensuring that the project ran smoothly, particularly the construction teams who worked tirelessly over the summer weekends. On what is undoubtedly one of the busiest roads in Northern Ireland, this is a considerable achievement.”
Minister Danny Kennedy
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